Mind POVs

Get Hacking

Written by Shalendra Mendis

Thinking about the 'Mind' theme, today’s winning session should be Burger King and David The Agency’s session on “The Rise of Hackvertising”. They drew applause in what seemed like every five minutes. In a very enjoyable and thought provoking session BK CMO Fernando Machado, Ricardo Casal and Juan Javier Pena of David the agency shared the thinking behind some of their most iconic campaigns such as The Google Home Hack, Trolling McDonald’s at IT movie premier, King Popcorn etc.

The multitude of occasions in which the Burger King Marketing and creative team have deployed hacker like tactics in order to drive stupendous amount of earned media is truly the benchmark of the industry’s “Hackvertising” efforts. During the session, they describe 5 steps they’ve followed in order to create this repeatable formula.

1. Define a system to Hack – Identify the system that you wish to target

2. Study it – Be nerds with the material in order to find the hackable insight

3. Find a relevant way for a brand to break in – brand purpose is key

4. Call your lawyers – “Expect the worst hope for the best” type advice

5. Deploy the Attack disrupt – Disruption drives earned media

Their hackvertising efforts over the last 4 years have yielded more than 400Mn USD in earned media for BK which is almost 300,000 USD per day which reflects an almost exponential power of hackvertising in terms of driving earned media. You can expect BK to keep trailblazing along this path and most brands may need to join the ride in order to survive in the rapidly evolving disruption driven global marketing landscape.