New Digital Era POVs

Emotion and interactivity on how to get the new consumer

Written by: Diana Gabriela Rodríguez Abisad

Emotion and interactivity on how to get the new consumer.

A person watches approximately 5,000 commercial ads per day and as the mind is so powerful, it blocks almost all away. What are the chances a brand can get into its consumers mind without being forgotten on its way?

Raja Rajamanna, MasterCard’s Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, held the talk “Giving them something they can feel: Multisensory brand experience” in where he emphasized how advertising must change completely to get the consumer hooked up from day one.

Brands, in order to be recognized, followed, bought or loved, have to understand the art of story making, by creating experiences for the users and by letting them then tell stories.

As the Rajamanna narrated the brand’s process on reinventing its way to talk to the consumer, in order to grow its brand awareness and to migrate into the next digital world using rationals like simplicity, re-sizing for digital screen assets, voice based and experiences.

So as the talk went on with its sonic branding on live performance, I wondered, how many brands will take this big step. Which new steps will have to be made by brands and which are the partners who will be relevant in order to be better and sell more?

I can assure that no monologue will attract the consumers to buy, trust or even advocate for. It will be crucial to start thinking how to leverage any brand’s opportunity moment with one message aligned, using emotions to stay on their minds and multisensorial skills to make them want to see, feel or even buy more.

Even life itself is about experiences, why shouldn’t marketing be like that?

Quote: "Create content that can not be ignored. Best content in the world is what commits and connects with humans."

Highlight: "Cannes is all about surprises, I had one today by going to Secret Speaker 2 session which was Matt Rivitz. from Sleeping Giants. Getting to know his work in activism versus advertising media platforms and human rights was amazing. As he explained, let's work to build our own platforms and apps that could work better for our business and also our society."