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Embracing a different approach in different media


Embracing a different approach in different media is what CNN does by collaborating with Casey Neistat, a 7-million-subscribers YouTube content creators, to bring news for a different target audience. Even though both party has no fix vision of the collaboration, it seems they’re taking an exciting risk.

What we can tell is that CNN wants to tell a compelling story that the audience can easily relate to, a story that moves people, a story that is full of emotion. While Casey wants a scale – which he might not have if doing it alone (CNN has those production tools and technology). Both story and scale are very powerful to reach a wider and diverse audience (like millennials with at least 2 million views for every video).

But as far as the story telling is concerned, both are dealing with Novelty vs Familiarity. A story that is familiar is easy to tell but might not give the same emotion so it would not be memorable. Add novelty to it, people might see a different angle to the story. Like CNN has been reporting news from war zone. Familiar. Add Neistat to the scene, or add regular citizen reporting on the same war with different unique perspective, it gives novelty.

For brands that want to collaborate with content creators they might want to evaluate first: what story do you want to tell for the audience? Does the collaboration gives any novelty?


Brands needs to give a memorable story for the audience as such by collaborating with content creators. But why is everyone talking about storytelling? Is that the only one that we have for the audience?

Written by Suhendi Pusap