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Dreamers with Purpose: The Next 50 Years

Written by Katerina Faktorova

Brands are looking towards Generation Z, because it's time for new dreamers. Who are they? What are they crazy about? How do we connect with them? This was the topic of Samsung’s session called Dreamers with Purpose: The Next 50 Years. Generation Z consists of 2,5 billion, all born within the technological age. They want to express themselves for who they truly are, and not how others want to see them. No more photoshopping, not as much drinking alcohol, and actually growing as an ambitious audience. Their physical environment becomes less important, replaced by their virtual environment. They save money not for retirement, but for tomorrow’s adventure. No more focusing on merely the product!  The secret between connecting brands and young people focusing on similar values and beliefs. Brand should be authentic. And now that social media has such an impact on the perceptions and decisions of generation Z, we should pay attention to instagram trends. What do they need? Original Instagram stories are a great place to start. This is where we must start selling product. This is where Generation Z is spending a ton of their time on social media. It is a method that was already launched in the US.

The younger generation goes to Instagram mainly to be inspired. They discover new foods, the latest fashion and trends. Brands must be on Instagram with them. It is the best way to directly connect with their audience.

And what did the marketing audience think? 70% think that Brands must reflect the value of this new generation and 76% of them think that the most effective way to reach Gen Z audiences is through Branded/Influencer organic content.

Key learnings: The government doesn't change the culture, the culture changes the government. And the same is for brand identity.

If companies are blind to the needs of the audience and to the audience's voice, it will fall asleep. Don’t miss that!