Young Lions 2019

Diana Abisad

Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity has been a dream ever since I began in this industry. So as anyone can imagine, when I received the news I was going as one of Mindshare’s Young Lion I just thought: “pinch me please”. If Cannes is a dream, I’ll be happy to daydream for a week surrounded with inspiration, insights and knowledge from international talent in media, creativity and advertising.

As Account Director, I’m already thinking what should I bring home? What are those topics I want to introduce to my team and to my clients, and what is this year’s conversations lines that we should keep talking about?

How consumers interact with brands, that’s one for sure. World is changing and moving fast, so how do we manage to interact with a new type of consumer? How do brands, like Mastercard, manage to change their monologue into a multisensory conversation with their users. Hearing Mastercard Chief Marketing and Communications Officer Raja Rajamannar, did indeed peak my interest.

Data and e-commerce insights will be a must. Working in CPG is challenge as categories are moving into e-commerce, so how do we manage to think faster than the user and even faster than the biggest e-retailer? “Dark Data: Creative Insights Amazon Doesn’t Want You To See” from Wunderman is a New Digital Era topic that I’m looking forward to — and I’m sure my clients will do too.

AI, will be my guilty pleasure as it’s here and here to stay. I have been working with tech brands since my first years so I’m hoping “Unleash AI for Creativity - a Totally New Campaign Planning Method” will help me understand how to get into the next level to plan our everyday brand campaigns.

How to keep maximising Digital Marketing, as it’s our day to day challenge. I started in Digital Marketing and I’m curious to know what more is out there. Digital Marketing is just marketing in the Digital era and sometimes we tend to forget that. Getting to know what other brands do, like Adidas, will help to have a bigger panorama.

But most of it, I’m hoping I can go back to basics. This industry moves so fast and goes with many changes that we tend to forget that sometimes, the best way of attracting the consumer can be the simplest possible way. And who else to talk about this than Apple, a brand that has been evolving but always coming back to where it all started.

Cannes it’s indeed a challenge and a pleasure to assist to and I’m excited not only to know about creativity and media topics but to fly back to Mexico full of international POV’s of this year’s conversations and best world practices to get our job done in the best possible way.

Written by Diana Gabriela Rodriguez Abisad