Authenticity POVs

Creating space for people to chase their dreams

It was an absolute privilege today to hear from several legendary icons to talk about authenticity in the fast changing dynamic world.

Adidas’s creative director Paul Gaudio and designer Alexander Wang talked about how Adidas was able to keep reinventing itself.

“Creative is a working process,” said Paul Gaudio. “And it needs space to thrive. We focus on culture inside the brand, creating space for people to chase their dreams. We try not to provide all the answers for everyone.”

Being open to ideas is another key element in Adidas’ recent success. Tennis legend Stan Smith talked about how the iconic three stripes on Adidas shoes was for utilitarian reason, but now has become an icon. Now he’s seen the shoes that he won Wimbledon in has become a culture phenomenon.

In the session with Dame Helen Mirren and L’Oreal, they chat extensively about the inspiration behind their campaign “From Self Doubt To Self Worth”.

“The young nowadays want authenticity. Looking into ‘why are we buying it?’” said Dame Helen Mirren.

The campaign features stories from all genders and races, and their journey from self-doubt to self worth.

“As the world’s biggest beauty brand, we want to set an example for the community.” Said Adrien Koskas, General Manager of L’Oreal UK. “Diversity is not a trend, it’s a value, it’s a commitment.”

On the same subject, Unilever CMO Keith Weed reflected on Unilever’s vision on embracing diversity. According to Unilever’s research, progress ads are 25% more effective. “It just makes sense.”

“Attention is a reward, not a right. People need to care enough to engage and spend time with us.”

“Then even if I peel off the label, you will know which brand it is. Then the image is theirs, not mine.”

Written by Chaojie Miao