People vs machine POVs

The Case for VR

Rob Holzer – Founder CEO , Matter Unlimited - The Case for VR – Should we or Shouldn’t We?

This session spoke to VR is no longer a tech fad and it’s movement to now a credible platform for storytelling and quality content. For me there were three main topics discussed throughout Creative, Content and Ethics.


VR technology is here and is continuing to develop quickly, it is now up to the creative partners to utilize the ever expanding capabilities; the early trend of “let’s make a commercial in VR” is not the best use of the platform. 

Creatively we have been locked in a rectangular box for 100 years, focusing on a single point view with a single set way it is to be seen or heard.  Within VR the experiences are evolving beyond a singular camera experience to a multi person experiences full of with interactions.  Such as the Void ( which offer full VR experiences that take place in large productions stages to allow users to walk and explore.

Rob Holzer’s one piece of advice on how brands can creatively make content that helps your audiences feel impact is to remember with VR “You’re not watching you’re felling”

Quote: “VR is here, with the advent of Virtual Reality we are living through a Radio or TV-like paradigm shift, but it will take some time.”


Right now there is a huge opportunity for brands to create VR content as platforms are hungry for content. Rob Holzer likened it to the 1920’s and the emergence of Radio; stations and manufactures needed content to help sell their products. There are people and big companies ready to invest larger into VR opportunities and premium content. Brands have the opportunity to do something extremely groundbreaking in the VR realm if they team with the right creator.

The next step is for larger companies to think beyond the bubble of “producing VR” and towards holistically integrating VR into brands.  How do we take people and let them feel things at home, VR is a tool that can transport people; driving an experience that is a 100% bespoke to the brand and user.

Quote: “Through VR Thousands of people have entered into the world of our clients global humanitarian and development work and it had been transformative”


With VR being an immersive experience that we no longer watch but feel and are moving from showing to bringing someone into a space. Rob Holzer spoke to how we need to up hold it to a higher ethnical level than other video content. 

He spoke to an artist who showed “real” violence. When users put on headset they witnessed the artist bashing someone’s head in with a bat; an off putting scene in a standard film let along a VR experience.

There are two main questions brands and creators need to ask - What are the ethics of VR? How are we willing going to go?

Quote: VR is a tool, like a hammer, you can build a house or bash a head. It’s up to humanity to decide how we use it. 

Written by Paul Linley