Authenticity POVs

Being here is fun, getting here is the tough part


If someone ask me the greatest learning from this Cannes Lions Festival 2017, I would use what Burger King stated during their session today:

“Being here is fun, getting here is the tough part.”

Really, it’s been a wonderful week here. The chance of meeting great people: Steven Gerrard, Sir Martin Sorrel, Sheryl Sandberg, Armin van Burren, Mr. President Juan Manuel Santos, and many others. Good weather, amazing speakers, positive vibes, creative minds, great works, you name it.

But before everything fits together, there had to be a lot of things to do: understanding the brand deeply, finding insight, filling the nitty-gritty, working late nights, accepting rejections and failure, fun and perseverence. And everything pays off here: sharing with others, and may be an Award.

Seeing those great works makes me realize that I should and I could and I will do better works. It sparks energy and desire to come back here next year and the following years. May be not as a Young Lions spectator, but as someone who does great authentic work.


I will come back here to you, Cannes. See you soon!

Written by Suhendi Pusap