Commerce POVs


Written by Thomas Fenelon

Dark Data - Creative Insights Amazon Doesn’t Want You See 

Moving forward our goal as marketers will be to create emotional experiences for our consumers through the use of data and one simple equation:

Creative + Content + Media

The curation of brand experiences for consumers has proven to be king in today’s society and looks to be the strategy of the future. Consumers are always challenging us as brands and it’s our job to break through the clutter and establish a connection with them. The market is constantly changing and adapting to itself, so it’s important that we defend our brand at all times. We’re always in conquesting mode, whether that be in our segment, industry, or general marketplace. With so many different brands out there, it’s vital that we don’t take our platforms and customers for granted because as soon as we do, the competition will swoop in and take them from us.

In order to prevent that, we must marry creative with data to create these emotional experiences. However, consumers have premeditated expectations when it comes to e-commerce nowadays. They want variety, visibility, and transparency, which is why brands must connect with their emotions to establish a relationship. Take Stitch Fix for example. “There was no price for a bad dress. The most important attribute was how their products fit”. After analyzing their data, Stitch Fix expanded its product line and introduced clothing that other audiences previously could not shop for. This is why understanding the consumer journey of your customers and knowing all of the human touch points are two of the most important steps in creating a good brand.

Which brings me to one of this weeks biggest buzz words: authenticity. Consumers expect brands to have a purpose, which can be to reduce their carbon footprint or support a charitable cause. “And there’s value in this. A lot of value”, says TikTok creator Anna O’Brien. “It’s very clear that we’re experiencing a shift from aspirational perfection to aspirational imperfection”.

Consumers want to see inclusion. Consumers want to see diversity. Consumers want to see everyone celebrated.

By doing this, brands are able to lean into new areas of opportunity while also establishing values.