New Digital Era POVs

AI and Data

Written by Katharina Paulini 

In a fast-moving world where there are so many changes and influences, AI is really taking off. Not only does AI collect data, but it automatically learns from it, adapts and changes its behavior. AI learns with the supply of data and time. But what’s interesting to see is that most of the time consumers don’t even realize that what they’re experiencing is artificial.

This is only because the technology is blended in perfectly with the reality. This automatically results in making consumers or people in general feel they’re part of the story.

So how can you target your target audience? The answer is data. In order to reach our defined target audience, we have to understand them. What they’re like, what their interests are, their demographics, how they behave on the internet etc. After collecting all the data from unique people, it now turns into a pattern and you can analyze the data and work with it based on your research. When you want to be smart about the data, you can use AI. and base your decision on it.

When it comes to video formats, for example, studies show that short formats are working better than longer formats. Now, with all the data compiled it can help improving the performance for longer formats in the future. To understand your audience better, start and lead with data. Going with a gut feeling is going to get you stuck. Start with the data and add the creativity on top of it. Thanks to artificial intelligence, creativity is becoming very specific.


“How you see the world is different to how others see the world.” – Mel Edwards, Global CEO Wunderman Thompson

Highlight of the day

Meeting Rafi Fine of FBE, after being an active viewer for 10 years.