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3 Key Tips For Driving Growth From LVMH's CMO, Mathilde Delhoume

Written by Tanja Henkelmann

At the panel of chief marketers’ learnings from Cannes Lions Mathilde Delhoume CMO of LVMH pointed out 3 key priorities to focus on to drive growth:

1. Long Term Growth
"If you focus only on short term growth then one day you’ll wake up with a bad hangover," says Mathilde Delhoume. It is important to keep a balance between short and long term growth. 

2. Seeing Consumers as Humans
No matter how a brand defines their consumer, it is important to remember every consumer is a human. What humans care about is experience, trust and what brand stands for. 

3. Ignite Inspiration
Focus on building your brand and create desire, don’t focus on fixing pain points of your company.

Overall, it is about the creation of superior customer experience, which in the end will lead to building your brand, resulting in the growth of your business.