Soul POVs

“Do something you are afraid of every day”

Written by Marian Bunte

“Do something you are afraid of every day”, Stephanie McMahon, Chief Brand Officer of WWE

Stephanie McMahon, Bozoma Saint John and Lilly Singh are three women who have built global empires, and they didn't get anything for free.  Often it is still a challenge to become accepted as women in the workforce, let alone media an advertising, a male-dominated industries. Stephanie McMahon (Chief Brand Officer of WWE) definitely benefited from the advantage of having her father as the CEO and founder of the entire WWE empire, but she made her point very quickly: “It is one thing to disappoint your chief, it is another thing to disappoint your own father”. With that, she has often had to take steps back in her career.

“Make your mistakes! Sometimes you will pull out more from a failure as from a success. But don’t make the same mistake twice”, she said.

Today, that woman has brilliantly contributed to one of the biggest Sport Entertainment organisations in the world and has changed the role of women in wrestling etertainment. Under her guidance, she formed the Divas-Division, an athlete-focused Women-Division. Because of this, women are nowfighting for titles at big World Wrestling stages, all based on empowering the WWE audience. Clever.