7th January 2020

Mindshare Voice Study

Voice Technology adoption continues to grow amongst Canadians there was a 42% increase in the use of voice in 2019 over 2018. We are seeing a difference as English Canadians use Siri and French Canadians use Google. English Canadians are utilizing their voice technology to play music, French Canadians still use it to ask fun questions. 

Many Canadians still wonder “what is the point of voice technology?” This is what keeps people from using it. They are also afraid that their privacy would be violated. Value of the voice experience and Privacy/Trust are the largest barrier for the new users to voice technology. 

The top services used by voice technology are search, music, and weather. Brands need to be aware of how to connect to their consumers in the valuable ways. As Canadians are still not shopping using voice, but they are using voice to find local business, and seek information on a product or brand but are not using voice to purchase the products. More than 88% of Canadians are using voice technology, but not when it comes to online purchasing. 

Mindshare Canada surveyed 1,300 Canadians over the course of a week in both French and English. The survey took place between November 27 – December 4, 2019.  Read the full Voice Technology survey here.

Further reading

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