Authenticity POVs

You have to elevate what you have

“What would be most surprising is…I listen” - Legendary photographer Mario Testino

Widely regarded as one of the most influential fashion photographer of all time, Mario Testino’s talk was candid, insightful and eminently quotable, and it perfectly sums up the essence of authenticity.

He touched on the topic of authenticity in several folds.

“We are bombarded by youth nowadays. Everything we know might be wrong because we are challenged by millennials…you have to elevate what you have, rather than worry about what you have.”

He said in an industry like fashion, standards are constantly changing and you cannot try to catch up with trends. Staying true to who you are is key. We are all guilty of trying to please the audience and sometimes choose to do things that are not necessarily our best suit. Outside of fashion, this is an essential lesson for all the brands out there.

Mr. Testino has shot 200 Vogue covers, and has shot campaigns for every big brand under the sun.  He talked about the authenticity as a creative person, and it was nothing less than genius.

“What would be most surprising is… I listen. Listen to the essence of the company and then be creative.” As one of the most well respected fashion photographer, Mario still remains incredible humble. “Entering people’s world and then I apply my know-how.”

The authenticity lesson for us as agencies from Mario is unmistaken too. Creativity is not enough. It’s only when you know a brand then you will be truly creative. Then the work is not through your lens only, but it’s through the brand’s lens.

“Then even if I peel off the label, you will know which brand it is. Then the image is theirs, not mine.”

Written by Chaojie Miao