Authenticity POVs

Everything is true yet nothing is true

“Everyone in fashion is so afraid of being too commercial…and I just didn’t care.”- Supermodel Karlie Kloss

We were all in awe when Karlie Kloss stepped onto the stage. Originally from St. Louis, Missouri, she has built an amazing career, as a model and an entrepreneur. She talked about how she managed to thrive in an industry that has an extremely high turnover rate.

When Hearst’s Global Chief Content Office Joanne Coles asked her how she stayed extremely grounded after 10 years in modeling, Karlie answered staying true to herself and keeping challenging herself were key.

“The comprehension and knowledge of tech is so important. The power to scale up an idea through tech is unprecedented.”

- Supermodel Karlie Kloss

Following her successful modeling career, Karlie founded Kode with Klossy, an organization that provides young girls coding training. She explained her inspiration for the organization was when she met all the tech guys at Silicon Valley and saw how tech transforms life as a language more than anything else.

She also talked about why she started her YouTube channel and her attitude towards social media. “I wanted a voice of my own. Not just a vehicle that carries other people’s opinion.”

“Fake news is not new.”

“The most important role of mainstream media now is putting pressure on power.
“New media scale has eliminated common sense and common knowledge. Everything is true yet nothing is true.”

- David Remnick, Editor, New Yorker

 In the age of social media, the expense to create and distribute fake news has never been so low, yet the cost is high. David Remnick took the audience through the history of “bullshit”. Fake news is a seductive and international instrument. From 2016 election in US to Brexit, fake news played an important role and has led to outcomes that nobody saw was coming.

Mr. Remnick discussed the role of media in the age of fake news. For mainstream media powerhouses, the role is to put pressure on power, and for social media giants, social affirmation and permission is the way to combat fake news.

There will not be a perfect situation. Traditional media was not a euphoria happy land, nor will any media scale ever be.

The first step to combat fake news, is to create the consciousness towards it.

Written by Chaojie Miao