China Day POVs

In China, digital is the norm

Today is the official China day, so we started out by heading down to the introduction, where they told a little about what was going to happen during the day.

The first session was “The future of marketing x tech: China’s journey and beyond”, with the speakers: Xuan yan; President for Nielsen Greater China. Minyi Zhang; Deputy general manager for Tencent social ads. Chee Guan Yue; Group executive creative director at Oglivy & Mather Shanghai. Asmita Dubey; Chief digital officer, consumer products division for L’Oréal.

And the whole thing was presented by Kiki Fan; General manager and implementation department, online media group at Tencent.

The debate started off by talking about the evolution China has gone through in the last couple of years within mobile. Today China is the world’s largest mobile market, with 731 million internet users, and 95% of them are accessing the internet through mobile.

And you can see the rising usage of smartphones, for example in 2010 3.3% of Chinas economy was digital, in 2016 that number had risen to an astonishing 30.61%. Furthermore, a spend of 34 trillion RMB in the Chinese mobile payment market.

And as said during the session “In China, digital is the norm” it is not the new norm, but the actual norm now, and the numbers surely supports that.

The ABC:

They went on to talk about the ABC, meaning:

  1. A:I (Artificial Intelligence)
  2. Big data
  3. Cloud computing

They here started to talk about that the focus of marketing must evolve from the big idea onto the big data. And then went on to talk about that the most important thing China has achieved throughout the years is an open eco system that are separated into three layers. Layer one is connecting people, layer 2 is to connect people to the content and layer 3 is connecting people to the service.

What can the West learn from the East:

From this question three things came to mind to the panel: Speed, Innovation and Risk taking.

Speed; Speed adoption in china is phenomenal, the Chinese economy is under pressure, but the digital economy is growing. So, the west should look at China’s speed.

Innovation; China is very innovative, look at WeChat, it is everything you need collected in one place, in average people spend 4 hours per day on WeChat.

Risk taking. Jump in, instead of taking things slow. What are the consequences? You can fail, but that’s it.

If there is something that we can take away from this session it is this:

  1. We must find a good way to make good use of the big data an A.I and use it to do good storytelling.
  2. Brands need to go back to the start, listen to the augmented user, and start brand building.

Written by Christian Aasberg