Adaptive marketing POVs

Become fast or die

Voice is the future. Everything points in that direction. Comscore predicts that by 2020 half of all searches will be done by voice searches. And with an intelligent personal assistant will ease our cognitive load and have a more human way of getting help from technology. There are many benefits, for instance when we want to learn. From an advertising perspective this will totally disrupt the way we using SEO and SEA. In fact, Amazon already making their intelligent personal assistant Alexa blind in order to pick their own private label brands. Conveniences always has a price. And for all of us that’s working with FMCG brands who are facing their battles in store on the shelf, well we need to rethink our strategy. Because all of that will disappear with voice. In the future people won’t go to the store for products but for the people (expertise).

Data needs human creativity. And more interesting data can really spark creativity. Stephen Cartwright, a visual artist, is paving the way for how to experiment with data and make it into real art pieces. Building sculptures based on his location data (coordinates). Key takeaway is to try to display your data in a way people can relate to it, then you can make it into impactful marketing, as for example Spotify have with their “Thank you 2016 – it was weird” campaign.

'We are all losers'. Best session so far was by marketing Professor Scott Gallaway, talking about the winners and the losers of digital marketing. And more precise centered round the big 4, Apple, Amazon, Google, Facebook. They are the winners, the rest of us is all losers. Why is that? According to him they are all “Benjamin Button companies” meaning that for every year, every search, product, and message their getting younger, smarter and faster. And they are disrupting business within areas far from their core, for example Amazone Prime is now the second largest broadcasting company, and Facebook is slowly wiping Snapchat from the face of the earth. The other ones that are winning are niche networks, specialized in something and being great within that area. Old media companies and agencies will only survive if they adapt into the new order, because just being big won’t cut it, the future belongs to the fast. But we should all remember that the price of convenience is high. The 4 power houses are not living by the rule “with great power comes great responsibilities”. By labeling themselves as tech companies they are hiding from the responsibilities. And it’s all our fault.

  • Intelligent personal assistants will be a total game changer. In order to stay ahead we need to plan for what’s to come.
  • Be creative with your data and visualize it.
  • Become fast or die. Learn from the big 4 and remember that convince has price.


“we are in the business of irrational” /Scott Galloway