We found a new way to help women in Sweden perform self-checks for breast cancer using Snapchat, educating women and ensuring that they could perform self-checks before regular check-ups they get later in life.


Breast cancer is the single biggest threat to women’s health in Sweden. It accounts for 30% of all cancers and has the second-highest death rate. But early detection reduces the risk of death significantly.

So, regular self-checking is crucial for younger women, as starting preventative action at a young age forms life-long habits.

As a proud partner of the Swedish Cancer Society’s Pink Ribbon 2020, Dove wanted to connect with young women and educate them about the importance of self-checks and help make it part of their routine.

Insights and Idea

Whilst most young women are aware of the risk of breast cancer, they don’t know how to perform a self-check. Many wait until later in life when they get called for hospital-based mammograms.

In Sweden, most other brands’ October Breast Cancer Awareness campaigns are just sales promotion campaigns dressed up as CSR. Few brands or partners directly tackle the behavioural issue at the root of the problem: to get more young women to start routinely performing self-checks.

Dove wanted to raise the bar for purposeful advertising and help tackle this problem by educating young women about the importance of conducting self-checks. But Dove needed to revolutionise how the information had traditionally been shared and actively engage with young women and show them exactly how to perform a self-check, step-by-step, in a fun and interactive way.

This would help change behaviours and turn self-checks into a habitual process for young Swedish women, to help them spot any changes as soon as possible.


Snapchat is where our audience spends their time, where they love to engage with content and share it with their friends and where our important information could be delivered directly to them on their mobile phones.

So, using Snapchat’s interactive Lenses, we created an educational Augmented Reality campaign to show young women how to examine their breasts for potential changes.

Our AR Body Lens showed a step-by-step self-check guide to the users, overlaid and mapped to their bodies. The Lens allowed women to perform self-checks in a discreet and safe environment without actively engaging the camera and accidentally recording themselves.

We also created a Face Lens for users to spread the word and share the guide, encouraging friends to #CheckYourself.


Reached 830,000 unique users

27 secs avg. lens time vs benchmark of 15 secs

373 hours spent with the lens during October

200% increase in Ad Awareness

250% increase in Brand Association

Awards and Recognitions
Festival of Media Global 2021
Festival of Media Global 2021 Best Campaign for an Awareness Day: Gold
Festival of Media Global 2021
Festival of Media Global 2021 Best Engagement Strategy: Bronze
MMA Smarties X 2021
MMA Smarties X 2021 XR Technology: Gold
MMA Smarties EMEA 2021
MMA Smarties EMEA 2021 Social Media Marketing: Gold