Richard Kelly

In his role as Chief Investment Officer at Mindshare UK, Richard oversees the media investment made by the agency on behalf of their clients, across all media types.

His core background was audiovisual, and he worked as Head of AV within Mindshare until 2016, before becoming Head of Exchange and joining the Leadership team in 2017. He joined Mindshare in 2010, having previously worked at MEC or ten years.

Richard strives to have excellent relationships with all key media partners and other stakeholders, such as media auditors. It’s vital that market-leading value across price, quality and flexibility is balanced with a commitment to work innovatively across audiences, connections, content and measurement.

Richard’s team works hard to produce and implement market-leading plans which truly deliver competitive advantage. He oversees the teams who build and activate campaigns and solutions for all of their clients. To achieve this, he works closely with his departmental ‘Heads’ to deliver a vision that aligns with that of the agency on Inventing the Future of Media – always driving forward and leading innovation and new opportunities in the market.