So. What is it?


At our HUDDLE event, we play host to a jam-packed agenda of intimate and no-holds-barred discussions about the future of media. 

There’s no PowerPoint and no boring panels: just a mix of leading media, cultural and tech players, entrepreneurs, academics and interested amateurs – and you.

It's all about participation. From planning to the day itself, Huddle is an event curated entirely by its participants. 

We will be hosting our seventh annual Huddle at Central Saint Giles on November 9th, where once again we’ll open our doors to the most pioneering minds and beyond.

This year we’re exploring The Journey to Post Human.

Two years ago, we explored what it meant to be human in an increasingly digital age. Fast forward to 2017 and as technology becomes ever more integral to us (as we attach devices to our bodies, defer decision making to our digital assistants and quantify our lives through data), we are rapidly reaching a stage where technology becomes us and we become something else.

What will it mean for humanity when we can edit the human genome to enhance our intelligence? When we can create happiness by stimulating the pleasure centers of the brain with nanobots? Or when we become something different to homo sapiens?