Helena Durandt

Helena started her career in Media in Johannesburg after completing a BA Honours in Communications but was lucky enough to move to Cape Town when her husband was transferred. She have been living in the beautiful city for the past 22 years and considers herself a Capetonian. Helena believes that she is known for being independent, doing things differently and for trying to find herself in remote places without cell phone reception. Having said that, she is a team player, passionate about media, advertising and brands. She watches TV ads more intently than the programme. Helena’s passion is about her clients and her team. She cares about their well-being and nothing excites her more than when they flourish.  Helena is excited about how quickly the media world is changing, how consumers adapt and how they use media to their advantage. Helena has been part of the WPP family for the past 20 years – working for Ogilvy Media and for Mindshare since 1996.