Mindshare POV Snapchat

To keep up in the ever-changing world of media it is important to take a serious look at what the youngster are doing. Not only are those kids your brands future target audience, but they are the trend setters and the adopters of those trends.

Everybody (agencies and publishers) is screaming as loud as possible that they understand the millennial audience, but the biggest challenge is to understand Gen Z. A generation that is raised in a digital world and has a completely different behavior, norms and values than the generations before them. For that reason Snapchat is interesting on a sociologically level because the Snapchat users have different wishes for their social media.

Snapchat is in the moment, in the now, it’s live, without any pretense of glossing over the content, it’s more raw and un- stylized.

Snapchat is an application in which users take photos, record videos, add a filter "Lens", text, or sketch overlay and send them to individual contacts as Snaps. Snaps are always time limited of how long they can be viewed and, as Snapchat claims, will be deleted from the company’s server. Also, users can compile Snaps in a chronological order as a “Story” and remain visible for 24 hours for chosen recipients. Besides one-to-one communications Snapchat also features “Live Stories” in which a certain theme or event contains Snaps from various users. And some major publishers (Vice, CNN etc.) even have their own “Discover” channel with short-form content, mostly derived from native articles.

In 2015 Snapchat has moved from an immature, niche network to a mainstream app amongst young audiences. As any new platform the Snapchat community is relatively young and is mainly a female community.

Snapchat Advertising products complement Stories or Snaps users or brands create. The 3V Video´s (Vertical video views) are being delivered in “slots” between other snaps within a Live Story or Discover Channel. Discover channels will have most impact since the advertiser’s videos are part of the high quality content of premium publishers. Snapchat daily video views already top those of Facebook and really fit the mobile, vertical way of consuming video content. 3V videos are the only way for brands to buy guaranteed reach on Snapchat since the reach of other advertising products depend on the usage of the sponsored feature. Sponsored Lenses are a creative way to express yourself and enrich a selfie with visual elements while Sponsored Geofilters can be added to express the location of where a Snap is taken.

Because Snapchat has such a live, in the moment character it is recommendable to set campaigns with a similar character. One day bursts will generate best results in dwell-time and viewing performances. Once Snapchat grows in volumes and becomes an opportunity for massive impact, Snapchat should offer more measurement and targeting options to get advertising costs down. While campaign data is highly transparent on other social media Snapchat is not yet able to enable advertisers to analyze their return on ad spends.

Our recommendations
Snapchat is an interesting, visual platform and as advertiser you should think of a way to contribute to the perceptions of the user and to the core values of your brand. When Instagram advertising was rolled out numerous of advertisers where ready to use the reach and impact of the social media channel, but most advertisers did so without studying the behavior and content on the platform first, which resulted in tons of negative sentiment.

‘Watch and learn’ instead of ‘Do and burn’ should be the credo in getting Snapchat among your main digital channels. The advertising proposition and dashboards are in development and Snapchat Advertising is not yet available in The Netherlands. Therefore, this the ideal moment to get familiar with the application and it’s features and get insights on the way digital natives communicate in 2016.

So download the app and get set to rock the Snapchat community with the visual, raw and quick form of expression it stands for.

Door: Thomas Koole en Ward Cuiper