Mindshare Austria Skis to 18% Saving Using The Loop

  • Real Time Marketing brings 18 percent saving in second screen ad spend
  • Mobile performs as a second screen channel with 37 percent lower cost-per-engagement
  • Eighty-two percent increase in interaction rate for Raiffeisen by amplifying TV advertising and sponsorship with integrated social second screen campaign

Mindshare Austria, part of the global media agency network Mindshare that is in turn part of WPP, used two premier ski events that took place in Kitzbühel and Schladming to achieve stunning results for two clients using Mindshare’s Loop.

The Loop is Mindshare’s adaptive marketing engine. A physical room that enables teams to act on fast-data and make adaptive decisions across their client’s paid, owned and earned marketing in real-time. It ‘closes the loop’ on the P.O.E. model by focusing on adapting paid media, based on the best available data.

The two campaigns were: A campaign for the Live-Ski-Ticker from news organisation and a second screen campaign for Austrain bank Raiffeisen, featuring the Raiffeisen sponsored ski stars Marcel Hirscher and Max Franz.

First developed in the summer of 2014 for the FIFA World Cup Live-Ticker of, the real-time campaign for the Live-Ticker was adapted further for the winter sports events, and optimized on the basis of the findings of the World Cup-Loop.

"We were able to triple the Live-Ticker visits through the real-time campaign compared to the previous year,” said Friederike Müller-Wernhart, CEO Mindshare Austria. “This demonstrates the success of the constant use of The Loop in brand management and KPI optimization over a longer communication time period.”


The fans of Raiffeisen’s Marcel Hirscher and Max Franz were invited to send fan greetings via Facebook during the race.

"Through real-time marketing activities during the event - real-time content adjustments of the creative executions and the real-time optimization of Mobile Display, Search, Paid Social and Real-Time Bidding by Mindshare’s expert teams we saved 18 percent of the advertising budget," says Christine Antlanger-Winter, CDO Mindshare Austria. “This proves that second screen works and is efficient as the real-time results have shown. "

Mobile was absolutely the strongest second screen channel due to the interaction rates. Also in cost-efficiency, Mobile is the frontrunner among the second screen channels with 37 percent lower cost-per-engagement compared to all other channels.

Live TV advertising-value analysis shows ineffective online and mobile strategies

Mindshare also carried out an exclusive, live advertising-value analysis during the Kitzbühel and Schladming events showing the extent to which TV advertisers in general convert awareness and interaction in the social web.  "The result of the synchronized analysis of TV and social web demonstrates the point that advertisers should better link their campaigns across all devices and touch points," said Sabine Auer, Director of Business Planning.

Plus 82 percent interaction rate for Raiffeisen by amplifying TV advertising and sponsorship with an integrated social second screen campaign

"Raiffeisen was the only event sponsor and TV advertiser to use the established TV awareness effect and sponsorship in conjunction with a targeted second screen and social Web campaign. Raiffeisen increased their Facebook interaction rates of the Raiffeisen testimonials through these by campaigns to +69 percent of Marcel Hirscher and +82 percent for Max Franz during the races. In comparison, Felix Neureuther another very successful ski-racer and a top performer in terms of Facebook, saw only an 11 percent increase in interaction rate during the race - without any specific paid media activities." says René Tomasèl, Senior Manager Social Mindshare, about the successful social second screen campaign for Raiffeisen.


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