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SHOPPING AROUND THE CLOCK: How Shopper Marketers are Adapting to 'Always On' Consumers with a New Playbook
By Patty Odell, Published by Chief Marketer, 30 July 2017

Our recommended read will take about 10-15 minutes of your time, if however you want a five minute summary and some (more) opinion then read on. 

What’s the article about?

According to the Cadent Consulting Group, US shopper marketing investment is now 12.9% of the marketing mix, up from 6% in 2012; digital has also grown from 7.1% to 19.9%; and there are significant moves to using mobile and social. Crucially however these moves have not yet yielded results. “Despite the increase in shopper marketing and digital spending, neither retailers nor shoppers are feeling the impact. Most significant, money is being redirected with an incomplete understanding of marketing ROI.”

This article takes a look at how Kimberly-Clark and Sun Products are delivering results, and long-term strategies, with strategic shopper marketing campaigns.

So what can we learn from them? 

1. Insights are key

As with all marketing communications a good consumer insight is key. Both examples, U by Kotex and Sun Products, cite consumer insights that drove their overall marketing and communications strategy, and also product innovation. Shopper marketing then brought those strategies to life across the ‘always-on’ shopping channel mix – from in-store to online.

2. Digital & in-store should be comfortable bedfellows

Technology has ‘digitised’ shopper marketing, with Kotex and Sun using digital display (including mobile), retailer websites, digital partnerships, data-led CRM, video, and social media, alongside traditional tactics, such as in-store displays, price promotions, and couponing. Sampling is still considered important, with brands leveraging both off-line and on-line approaches.

3. Word of mouth is still the most critical

Recommendations from friends, families, celebrities, and increasingly strangers online, all contribute to the success of a brand. What is now called Influencer Marketing is still the most successful form of marketing. Social and mobile are amplifying its reach.

Mindshare's point of view

Shopper marketing tactics must increasingly be integrated into the consumer marketing function. The aim is to deliver a seamless consumer to customer journey, so they are united in their need for:

  1. A strong consumer insight
  2. Brand fame
  3. To collectively work always-on channels efficiently and effectively
  4. The same data to feed and hone their approach.

Increasingly we are able to offer advertisers proximity and sales focused advertising techniques that sit comfortably within wider communications and media strategies.

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