The Power Of Press

There has been several press initiatives recently really trying to drive home the message that press is strong and resilient in a challenging marketplace. One in particular that I enjoyed is a new NNI initiative – the ‘Power of Press’ (POP) which launched at the start of the year. This ‘movement’ is looking to increase the positive perceptions of what press can do, proving why it is imperative that all planners understand the strengths of press and not always focusing on the negatives. They have approached many new time planners to engage with this initiative and ultimately appreciate the ‘Power of Press’.

They had a very interesting night where there was an interactive session with three journalists from different national newspapers. First up was the Sunday World’s Nicola Tallant -who gave us a thrilling insight into her investigations into the McAreavy murder. It struck me how journalism is at the heart of the papers. Readers avidly follow columnists and their opinions, not just the headlines that grab their attention on the news stand. This is why newspapers invest significantly into their journalism resources in Ireland.

Alana Fearon from the Irish Mirror was next up and spoke of how journalism in recent years has really had to battle to ensure that press maintains its credibility as a medium. Constantly backing up their sources and ensuring that the info they are working on is credible.

The final speaker of the night was Irish Daily Mail’s Jennifer Bray who took us through her own personal experience of a recent headlining story and how the story would never have developed if there wasn’t a top class team in the Irish Daily Mail to support it.

This session demonstrated the skills and high quality journalism within many of our national titles. Media planners sometimes forget that whilst we are thinking about advertising and CPTs and where the ad gets placed, the writing behind the paper is just as crucial.

I would recommend all to attend the next night of POP and remember why press will always be paramount when connecting with the Irish nation.