New Year, Not So New Leader In The Radio Market.

JNLR day is upon us and what have we learned? The public loves radio with 83% of the Irish population (3.1 million) tuning in on a daily basis. This is year on year growth on 82% in 2014. It could be argued that this is due to radio being more accessible via mobile and digitally via TV & Desktop.

As always, Radio 1 is still the all adult powerhouse, with a market share of 23.1%, and top programmes such as Morning Ireland, Liveline and Sean O’Rourke all in growth. Opinion around the office is that with the elections looming we will see even more of a rise in Radio 1 market share this quarter.

2FM were the ones to watch in the last book with their schedule changes and these have paid off in adults 15-34, with Breakfast Republic becoming the number 1 breakfast show for this demographic. However they have lost listeners in other demographics, such as housewives and all adults.

In the Dublin market, Sunshine FM has had a great year, rising to 4.4% market share they have almost doubled their housewives listenership in the last year. Q102 has taken a hit alongside FM104 in the housewives demographic with, market share down to 6.4% and 11.8% respectively.

The big surprise is FM104’s Strawberry Alarm Clock and The Jam dropping in all adults, with Spin Hits and Radio 1 D’Arcy and Drivetime gaining in these dayparts. D’Arcy will be celebrating his first birthday at Radio 1 with a smile on his face as we can see his listenership is still growing book on book, currently at 215,000 all adults.

Cork are painting their airwaves red as Red FM are dominating the market with a massive growth year on year for all adults from 14.7% to 22.3% market share. Don’t forget that this is at the expense of other local stations, and follows through for all demographics, in particular housewives and young audiences, and they now command a 51.6% market share for adults 15-24.

All I can say is that the next book will be an interesting read as we have had a few unexpected surprises year on year and with the 2016 Elections, Six Nations and 1916 Commemoration I would advise to stay tuned!

By Nathalie Dooley & Sheena Murphy