The Future Of 2014

Welcome to the Future of 2014 – our annual booklet of thought pieces of what to expect from the year ahead, written by the Mindshare Ireland team.

The theme of the articles is all about being adaptive. In the fast moving world of media that we find ourselves in today, we need to be adaptive in how and when we communicate to consumers. The Future of 2014 book will give you the necessary information you need to start you on the adaptive journey and is accessible via Slideshare through the following link:

Mindshare Future of 2014

There are 17 thought pieces in the book:

  • Q&A with Bill Kinlay – Our CEO gives his thoughts on what to expect in 2014 and the main challenges that lie ahead this year.
  • Media Days Like These – How taking the lead from consumers can make better communication strategies.
  • Trading Into The Recovery – Neil Johnston, Head of Trading outlines his forecast for the media market for the year ahead.
  • Being Adaptive – Just what exactly is Adaptive Marketing?
  • Adapting for 2014, Q&A with Norm Johnson – Our Chief Digital Officer for Mindshare Worldwide explains how to be an adaptive marketer.
  • Social Media Making Its Mark in 2014 – What you need to know about social media in 2014.
  • The Research Starting Point – The key search marketing opportunities to be ready for in 2014.
  • Future Proofing Radio in 2014 – Ensure you are aware of all you need to know to maximise radio advertising reach.
  • Mobile: The Lesser Tapped Medium – An essential part of any marketing communications plan – make sure you are up to speed on mobile opportunities.
  • What Happens in Day? – Exclusive new research detailing a consumers media day in the life.
  • Thinking Digital – Our Mindshare digital minds share their view on what to expect in 2014.
  • Making News Pay – Print or Digital – The debate continues on how consumers will continue to seek out their news and where are the biggest revenue opportunities for news creators.
  • Use Your Data To See The Wood For The Trees – Being adaptive is knowing what your data is telling you. Find out how to get to grips with your data.
  • Digitising Out of Home – Out of Home is moving into the digital space – from location targeting to facial recognition. Minority Report is becoming a reality…
  • Extending TV Reach With VOD – Consumers are no longer just consuming TV – they are AV consumers – watching TV and video on demand. Advertising on TV alone is no longer enough…
  • Adapting Digital to Drive Response – All you need to know about Direct Response advertising in 2014.
  • The Internet of Things (to come) – From Google Glasses to smart watches – The Internet is no longer confined to computers and smartphones – Wearable tech is here…

We hope you enjoy reading the Future of 2014. If you would like any additional hard or soft copies of the booklet please contact

Happy reading and we wish you a successful 2014,

The Mindshare Team