Blog – Giving Associated An Irish Voice Online

In Mindshare, being adaptive is at the heart of everything that we do for our clients, we adapt and change our media plans to best suit the environment, consumer and message.

Being adaptive is also cruical in the publishing world, over the last few years we’ve seen several casualties due to reduced print readership as consumers continue to migrate on line.

In the 2013 Mindshare’s Future Of, I wrote that that the key to survival for publishers is to grow their audience by developing digital platforms that enhance their current offering rather than sabotaging the print readership that they already have. Aligning readers to a publishing brand and its content was and is crucial.

Associated Newspapers have been a shining example for adaptive publishing in the Irish landscape for a number of years now. In a declining market their daily circulation has held steady and they were one of the first newspapers to offer advertisers truly 360 advertising solutions; creating cross platform, engaging partnerships that connect consumers across their print portfolio and The creation of their MailTV studio added another valuable string to their bow and they have created many video campaigns for Mindshare clients including award winning work for Argos and Nestle to name just 2.

The only limitation for Associated was the lack of Irish content on Whilst being a huge success in Ireland, the website pulls in global and UK news and leaves little room for the Irish company to localise. The recent success of Irish websites such as, and show a hearty appetite for local content. Let’s be honest here. Irish people like local content. This is a truism in TV land (Love / Hate) and is true also within Digital.

Yesterday Associated launched themselves as a serious local digital player with the launch of A showbiz, fashion, food and beauty site, the content draws the expertise of journalists within the publishing house, providing constant updates 100% relevant to the Irish consumer.  Their launch has been supported by a TV, outdoor, social, radio and PPC campaign and the response from the advertising industry so far has been positive;  ”The reaction to this has been the single biggest reaction I have seen from the advertising community, and they can be cautious” Paul Henderson, Managing Director at Associated Newspapers Ireland

Of course, no new launches are a certainty and we will continue to monitor how this site performs and watch closely as to how the competition reacts. But for now it shows an continued investment in Irish journalism which can only ever be a good thing.

For more information on the launch or advertising opportunities available please contact Gemma Teeling at