Big Event TV Still Pulling In The Numbers

We may have just entered 2017, but before we start future gazing, let’s take a moment to look back.

There were some shining sporting moments across the year – both the Olympics and the Euros took place, lifting nations hopes one kick, sprint, goal and pull (like a dog) at a time.

2016 saw large numbers watching television for these sporting events, in the main the Euros.  

9 of the top 20 programmes watched by individuals in 2016 were Euros based with the Irish matches achieving highest ratings. The match against Italy was the most watched at just under 1.1 million viewers.

Other sporting wins (audience wise at least) were the GAA and rugby with both the Sunday Game and Saturday Game Live featuring in the top 20 along with the RBS 6 nations and the Guinness Series Live. Overall 13 of the top 20 programmes were sport related.

However, it wasn’t all sport related (particularly not in my house). Some firm TV favourites featured with The Late Late Toy Show taking the top spot again with over 1.2 million viewers. Both the 6 and 9 o’clock News and current affairs retained strong viewership with the country very interested in what the parties had to say during the Primetime Leaders Debate.

We were also keen as a nation to watch details of our history played out in RTE’s series Rebellion. The top episode of the series got 676,000 viewers.

There were strong figures across the top programmes going to show that those live event programmes are still commanding high numbers and we as an audience want to watch while the action is happening.

And for the curious among you Rose of Tralee was knocked down to 28th place by all that sport.

2017 is less sport tournament led but there are still some key events with The Lions Tour in New Zealand and the World Cup Qualifiers. In addition, RTE and TV3 have some new strands launching which should command strong viewing figures – watch this space!