Soul POVs

Using Technology for Good

Written by Irem Limnili

As we live in an age where new technologies have been emerging day by day; we as brands, media owners  have a potential power to use it in a good cause!

I mean with 'the good cause' developing services/products or solutions to improve the lives of people or make the world a better place. Also as Google stated all technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Voice Assistants, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality occur the "Golden Age of Possibility"; the possibility to make the things that inspire, educate and help people.

However the important thing is not using the technology just to use. Starting with people, understanding humanbeing, their insights and ideas are curicial, related technology always find a way to integrate!

"Searching for Syria" campaign which realized by Google, R/GA for The UN Refugee Agency is one of the best examples of using technology + creativity for good cause as they are focusing on the refugee crisis in Syria.

In 2016, people searched for Syria,the refugees, the war, the donation about 160,000,000 times. With this big data, Google wanted to lead people to to show the people the 'real' Syria with creative ways. Because people learn what they see, they understand what they learn, and they take actions about what they understand!

Since their launch, 4 millon visitors leaded to website, funded $250,000 in donations, accessed by 234 countries globally.

Here is key take outs from this session:

1- Sweat the details: Every single piece of detail about the situation, campaign should be considered. Consumers don't want to see the same content all the time, different content modules for different needs.

2- Make data your bestie: 160,000,000 search is a big data to drive insights however small data is important as much as bigger ones.

3- Start with storytelling: Which story is right one to start, how will you spread your entire story, does it really flow?

4- Make it fast , make it digestible, make it relevant: As in Syria case, besides showing content to users, make it relevant to them. Be present with simple and fast content which related to their moments and make them share.

5- Be simple: Fewer words always win.