Authenticity POVs

There is something in human nature that is not changing

If I have to take out one learning from the first day at Cannes Lions Festival about Authenticity, it would be this: Even though medium has been changing, “There is something in human nature that is not changing.” The quote comes from the Senior Global Director of Social Media and Video of Lego, Lars Siberbauer, when he tried to explain the core idea of Lego. Lego is only a plastic brick, but the human nature that is not changing what Lego stands for: 1) Building together and 2) Pride of creation. Adding imaginations and stories, Lego becomes a worldwide phenomenon.

The changing of the medium only influences the way the story being crafted. As the CEO of FuckJerry Media, Mick Purzycki, pointed out, “There is a culture to every platform.” For example, when Laura Dern (Hollywood star) and Grace Helbig (YouTube star) were asked to imagine a self-driving car and what kind of program/content they would do, and each of them has to answer in 90 seconds. Laura responded “that’s too short” while Grace responded “that’s too long”. Because Grace is dealing with YouTube and millennials where the attention span are short so she accustomed to a bite-size, short video content. As modern media allows anybody to become a journalist in real-time, it’s getting harder for a brand to create a content that creates a connection. Social media, for example, is not very kind to a jargon or bullshit. That’s when a collaboration between brands and content creators happened to create a better authentic story.

On the other hand, no matter how hard we use the story and medium, some things just can’t be changed (maybe), like the “Do Not Drive and Text” or “No Smoking” sign where people would still drive and text and smoke.


The only way for brands to survive in this always-changing medium is to create a story that is compelling to human nature. Or is it not? May be tomorrow I’ll discover something else.


  1. “There is something in human nature that is not changing.” - Lars Siberbauer, Senior Global Director of Social Media and Video LEGO

Written by Suhendi Pusap