Body POVs

Tanja's Pre - Cannes POV - Body

When my CEO, Amrita wrote us and we were told that we are going to Cannes although I had already my vacation to Bali booked I jumped around like a little child who just got the best chocolate cookie of its life. I of course happily cancelled my Bali vacation and said yes to Cannes. It’s so exciting and such an honour and a ‘to die for’ opportunity. Therefore, I’m also only expecting to see the best, most creative and innovative work. I cannot wait to be inspired with new ideas that I will bring back to innovate and share with everyone.

In Luxury it’s all about creating brand desire. Part of creating brand desire is also about creating brand experiences and letting consumers live and fell your brand. So for us it’s all about how to create the best brand experience? And at LVMH and L’Atelier we are always thriving to create the best work without compromising quality. The topic around BODY is all about experiences and senses, so it’s perfect match to learn more about the audacious thrive to create the best and most creative brand experiences in the world. Talks about ‘reimagining the retail experience’ by Apple as well as Tencent’s speech about ‘creating exceptional experience for one billion users’ and ‘evolving from athlete to creator’ will allow us to learn from the best work in the industry. Additionally, going to see innovative talks like ‘the future of storytelling’ and ‘how to engage and influence next gen audience’ as well as ‘triggering memories and connections through sound’ will help us to get inspired with new ideas and allows us to constantly innovate LVMH’s brand storytelling and how we can push beyond boundaries. Understanding the trends, leveraging them with possible new partners to always create the best and most luxurious brand experiences possible to stay ahead. Beyond LVMH I will share all implications and details about Luxury & Brand Experience in my special for Luxury Greater China Review and the ‘Best of Cannes Luxury’ with our regional team, since sharing is carrying. So stay tuned.