Young Lions 2017

Suhendi Pusap

I want to attend all the sessions! But mostly I want to see Innovation Lions Shortlist Presentations, Young Lions Party, Winners and Losers in Digital 2017, Brand Me: Understanding Personal Value, Martin Sorrell in Conversation with Robert Kraft and Ron Howard, and Cannes Night School. (And to explore Cannes itself!!). To see how the best work is being judged/pitched directly will be amazing. Is it bias, is it genuine, is it business as usual, is it tense, is it a beautiful moment?

I want to see how brand and media have been evolving and in what state they are in now. Is disruption always there? Will digital become conventional media? While stay true to its identity – authenticity – boring?

As a strategist, I think with so much good work being showcased from around the world, I want to replicate or adapt the approach to my own work so I can create similar or better work.

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