New Digital Era POVs

The Right Era

Written by Sofia Tornielli 

Quote of the day: “There is a moment when you have to choose whether to be silent or raise your voice.” - “We are trying to achieve a cultural shift.”


Today I attended  “Cheers to people!” talk, I’m amazed by the level of the presentations I saw today. This one particularly gave me a different point of view about creative part in the strategy process. Creative process leads to transformation which requires an integrity look of Culture understanding, target empathize and the synergy between media, tech, design and commerce people

The Right Era

I’ve heard several times that this generation is the one who stay connected and at the same time, disconnected of everyone around them, I’ve also heard that we tend to give up when things get rough, which brings frustration. Surrounded by this kind of thoughts I tended to think I don’t like my generation.

I used to say that the best era was at 60’s not only for new music but also human rights which was just developing in several parts of the world.

But then I had the opportunity to experience several situations in Argentina, which brought me new thoughts and new ideas, Social movements provoke changes that lead us to greater acceptance in terms of diversity.

Empowerment, change, rights, are words that come to my mind when I start thinking about the topics I saw in Cannes today. I attended Defining Art + Activism which was given by Alfonso Cuarón, Colleen DeCourcy, David Linde and Ai-jen Poo.

This topic really excited me, Alfonso Cuarón directed Roma, which won several awards internationally and had a lot of positive repercussion in the industry, that is a sign of acceptance. This is important if we have in mind that the movie touches sensitive points like domestic workers rights.

I know people in our generation live in different times, with more distractions, but there are more tools to make ourselves heard, so it thrills me to know that we are not only living this process but embracing it to achieve human rights equality in a not so distant future.