Sustainability POVs

Pre-Cannes POV

When my boss approached me to tell me that I would have the chance to go to the Cannes Lions Festival I was beyond excited. Geez – I even canceled a week of vacation for this. I was kind of happy that my coworkers couldn’t make the two following French classes, so I would be able to practice my French with our teacher. Alors, on y va et je suis très contente d’aller à Cannes.

Working in the Client Leadership team I need to make sure to stay on top of everything: Latest trends, what’s going on in our society, the people in our country, the world, even the universe. But to keep it simple, it is our job to be there for our clients and help them to understand and advise to the best of our knowledge.

Being sustainable can be beneficial to our clients in more than one way. Especially when a young, Swedish girl called Greta is fighting for changing our mindset and the footprint we leave on earth (Sorry Greta I WILL take the plane to Cannes – my boss told me so). But it’s a great way to start rethinking for our clients and ourselves, on how to advise the best, so we can all make better decision for the world we live in.

Sustainability cannot be pinned to one specific field where the change needs to me made. That would be much too easy. From a smoke free future, over the technology in China to LGBT+ connections. I’m also thinking about vehicles with alternative drive concepts or car sharing in big cities, where more and more people don’t own a car anymore but need to use a car occasionally. Companies should also consider using recyclable products that are biodegradable. Companies could also consider a more environmentally friendly way when people are retouring their ordered clothes or electronic devices they don’t need.  Sustainability can be found and implemented in so many ways that this is not a job or project for one day.

The panels I’m most looking forward to attend are “#nofilter – The Activists Disrupting Entertainment” and “The State of the World and its Impact on Business” as I’m sure they will teach me something about realness and authenticity in our world and how we can transfer this into our daily business.

In these upcoming sessions I want to learn how our clients and us can change the way of thinking, while still reaching our set goal, but still can manage to leave a good, sustainable and most importantly, long-lasting effect/influence on the consumers watching.

We need to build our right foundation today so that we can earn the profits – whichever they may be – in the future.