Young Lions 2017

EJ Steele

Going to Cannes excites me on two fronts.  Firstly, as the festival is a representation of the best work the advertising industry has created over the last year, it’s a chance to really stop and take note of this amazing work. See the successful companies that are using true insights to deploy campaigns that ultimately make a difference and impact people’s lives.  Secondly, it’s an opportunity to understand what is going to disrupt the industry for the year ahead. And to actually get this point of view and be inspired from talented people that aren’t pure ‘marketers’ really excites me. 

From a client perspective, the consumer trends we see at festivals like Cannes have a huge impact on how our clients organise themselves and ultimately impact how we need to structure ourselves to cater to their business in a new world. An exciting task to undertake and be a part of for business’ looking to truly put ‘consumers at the heart’. 

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