Equality POVs

Diversity is not a trend, diversity is a value

Diversity is so rich and powefull!

Day 5 of the festival. I attended many panels with speakers talking on diversity and gender equality. It seems to be a hot topic this year. 

In the morning, I attended the session, “All Worth It: L’Oréal and Dame Helen Mirren Redefine Diversity” and it was really inspiring. Helen Mirren and Adrien Koskas were the speakers and it was modared by Suzanne Powers. They discussed their ad campaign “Because We Are All Worth It” which collobrating with Prince’s Trust to transform self-doubt into self-worth for thousands in UK. They changed their end line with this campaign from “Because You’re Worth It” to “Becasue WE’RE ALL worth it” because they wanted to embrace diversity as a brand and talk to everyone, not just a happy few. To promote the initiative, the brand will be looking to its influencers and brand ambassadors to spread the news. Mr. Koskas said that when they partner with an influencer, the message has to start with them. They are doing the talking for them.

Helen Mirren said that “Be honest about yourself.”, “Fake it ‘til you make it.” Actors need to be honest about themselves to be sucessfull.

The final tought was “Diversity is not a trend, diversity is a value”, that makes the world so much better with looking outside and not to stay with your self-doubts.

“It’s no longer enough to have sexy campaigns. The young nowadays want authenticity.”

Next, I ran up to an another session which was called 'Skewing Females: The Truth About Gender Stereotypes in Ads'. It was another really inspiring session. Madeline DiNonno and Brent Choi discussed their findings, how gender stereotypes in advertising effect culture and how we can evolve them.

The thing that I really want to say is that in 10 years from 2006 to 2016, there is no change. They highlighted that 25% of men are on screen in ads and woman are just 5%.  Men are talking x7 more than women and also 3x more dialogue then women. That really surprised me! All the women examples are much more likely to be shown in a kitchen whilst the men are outside! GD IQ say that men are more likely to be shown to be smart, but the women are not funny at all. So in most of every ad or film, women are sexy and young but the men are getting older. Women are in their 20s and the men are in their 30s.

We know that life is changing, technology is growing day to day but nothing has changed in this industry. How much has changed for women on screen in these 10 years? 0% - nothing has changed. It is still the same. Id like to mention that we’re still not leaders, still in the kitchen, still sexy and young! So data is a really strong asset in that industry because it just shows the gender balance or diversity in it.

Written by Begum Aras