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Bringing Humanity To Retail

During a time when ecommerce is growing faster than ever before Angela Ahrendts shared her thoughts today on reimagining the retail experience through “humanising technology” and Apple’s commitment to invest in physical stores. Ahrendts’ key formula is technology and creativity balanced with humanity.

Unlock creative thinking
Create a space for costumers to be creative. Creativity and quality is part of the brand’s DNA which they created in their headquarters. So the same creative environment they developed for their office called ‘Apple Park’ they transferred to their stores like trees in the middle of the stores and wide open spaces. So every customers can feel closer to Apple by experiencing the same environment that the brand has at their core.

Human connection.
People are the secret sauce to retail experience. That’s why 40% of their retail space & majority of hours is dedicated to servicing their customers. Apple also created a platform for their employees called ‘the loop’ to provide their employees with a platform to share their feedback on how to improve their retail service offerings & retail space. It creates a community to discuss, identify and vote for new opportunities to enhance retail experience across all stores.