Authenticity POVs

Beauty can save the world

“There is only memory with emotions”.


This amazing session talked about the behind-the-scene work for the Rio Olympic and Paralympic Opening Ceremony.

This is one of the biggest branding works you get to do – branding for a nation amid crisis and scandals in front of the entire world.

Both ceremonies were high acclaimed. And the insights provided by the three speakers were truly inspiring.

They had a sense of mission – showcasing their beloved nation to the world. It’s only with a purpose, or a mission, that truly amazing work can be achieved. What do you want the world to see in your work? And why does it matter?

“Beauty can save the world.”

- Daniela Thomas, Creative Director at Rio 2016 Olympic Opening Ceremony

“Gambiarra + Beauty within + Message.”

Creative director of Rio 2016 Olympic Opening Ceremony Daniela Thomas explained her philosophy behind the ceremony.

They had big restraints while preparing the ceremony. A fraction of the budget compared to other Olympics Opening Ceremonies and multiple technical difficulties. Ms Thomas said, they made use of what they had in hand and found beauty in them. (in Brazilian Portuguese: Gambiarra).

Stay unapologetically true to what Brazil is about and be really clear what your message is. A philosophy all of us can learn from.

“We are all disabled in some extent.”

- Vik Muniz, Creative Director, Rio 2016 Paralympics Opening Ceremony

Paralympics has historically always been a less talked about event compared to the Olympics, and director Vik Muniz wanted to change that.

When he agreed to work on the project of directing the Paralympics Opening Ceremony, he wanted to make Paralympics more independent, not just an appendix of the Olympics.

The ceremony ended being the most watch Paralympics opening in the history with very positive buzz.

While he talked about many incredible things he and the team have done to make it happen, one thing struck me was what he said at the beginning. “We are all disabled in some extent, that’s why we have machines and other things to help us.”

The sense of empathy and humbleness in him was powerful. And is the key to all those who want to achieve true authenticity and create work that touch hearts.

“90 secs is a long time.” Says Grace Helbig, Youtuber and comedian. “Oh really? I thought it was too short!” responded Lauren Dern.

This was one of the most interesting bits from the panel discussion “Classic Hollywood Meets the YouTube Generation.”

Lauren Dern and Grace Helbig were asked on the stage to create a 90 sec commercial idea for self-driving cars and their responses to the timing almost perfectly summed up the classic Hollywood generation vs. a YouTube generation. Attention is shorter, response needs to be faster and everything at the speed of culture.

Written by Chaojie Miao