Young Lions 2019

Barbara Toussaint

‘Is this true? I mean, is anyone playing a joke on me and it’s a phishing strategy?’ These were my first thoughts as soon as I received the mail letting me know I was going to be part of Mindshare’s Young Lions. I was so excited I couldn’t believe it was happening. Co-working with people from around the world, learning about their experiences, tendencies, threats, and future expectations had been always my dream, and today, that dream is a reality.

What I’m looking forward the most is to learn as much as possible. Reading about the festival this year and the speakers, a phrase from Mark Tutssel kept in my mind ‘five years learning in five days’. I mean, WHAT? This is a bunch of information and I don’t want to lose any single detail from it!

I’m part of the performance area in México, working with different clients focused on the lowest part of the consumer journey. E-commerce and lead generation is my day to day, but at the same time, we are conscious that in order to have the best results in performance, we should create a great consumer journey through all the parts of funnel.

Based on this, one of the conferences I don’t want to miss is ‘Revitalizing an Ageing Brand: F1- the 68 Year Old Start-up’. Understanding your customer is not enough, hearing from them either; we need to move forward, we need to be the future for them based on what we already learned. I’m really looking forward to hear how going to back to basics could be the clue for the new digital era (or at least the first step to reach where we are going to be). There are a lot of conferences and panels talking about this theory and I cannot wait to hear all they have to say about it.

Am I afraid? Yes, I’m even trembling as I write this down. I still question ‘why me?’ I don’t want to let anyone who trusted me down. But, because of this, I’m also sure that this fear is going to be transformed into courage to prove I can make the best out of this experience, and why not? Be the reason to inspire someone else to be here next year.

Written by Bárbara Toussaint Portillo