POV: Advertising Week New York

Advertising Week New York (September 25 – 29) brought together leaders from the advertising, marketing, media and related creative industries for more than 270 sessions on vision, passion, best practices and ‘what’s next?’

Details and Implications

Here are the key themes from this year’s event (follow the links for more details):

The Future Is Now: The “in the future” that everyone always wondered about is already here: data rules everything around us and is redefining the way marketers leverage TV; we have welcomed AI into our homes; Jane Jetson’s makeup mask has basically come to life via face filters and we choose gifs over text to better express ourselves. Even though we all still curl up on the couch to binge-watch a show, we love taking TV with us wherever we go, which continues to be a huge opportunity for broadcasters and marketers alike.  

There Will Be Giants: Google (Alphabet), Facebook and Amazon are the three companies with the most impact on our industry at the moment. There was a lot of discussion about if/when that would change – and WPP’s Sir Martin Sorrell predicted that Alibaba and Tencent will be major players in 2018. In fact, GroupM announced a partnership with Alibaba this week

Post Host: Since their founding, Facebook, Google and Twitter were considered technology companies. Recently, they have met pressure from both the government and users to act more like media companies, taking responsibility for the content shared on their channels. Increased regulations may impact their ad platforms – we’re keeping an eye on what will happen next.

The Audience Strikes Back: Advertising has always spoken to people but now customers talk back and expect answers. Whether your goal is to keep the customer top-of-mind, giving the consumer the best possible ad experience or go as far as to name it like Unilever’s Consumer at the Center approach, brands must have a response strategy. Unilever CMCO Keith Weed reminded us that Unilever’s more progressive ads drive 25% more effectiveness, so it isn’t just about good morals – it’s good business.  

Advertising Week, now in five cities, continues to be a key industry event, best for those looking to network and have meaningful discussions about the current state of the industry, as well as what is coming up next.

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