Huddle 2018 - Content Hub

Why we shouldn’t trust our gut instinct

Reach Plc delivered a Huddle session, ‘Are You Talking About Me?’ which explored the differences between those in the advertising industry and the modern mainstream audience.

The panel was delivered by:

  • Andrew Tenzer – Head of Group Insight, Reach Plc
  • Ian Murray – Co-Founder, house51
  • Liam Hannan – Strategy Director, Mindshare UK
  • Pete Dyson – Senior Behavioural Strategist, Ogilvy

The session, powered by Reach Plc's recent study on why we shouldn’t trust our gut instinct, highlighted how different thinking styles direct people’s behaviour – which is becoming increasingly clear in adland vs. modern mainstream. Agency employees are more likely to be risk takers, whilst the modern mainstream tend to avoid emotion and have a more holistic thinking style.

What does this mean?

We need to restore the balance between the two sectors, and remind ourselves of the power of context. Advertisers don’t need to constantly reinvent the wheel but instead use advertising to fuel cultural conversations to understand their audiences better.

Watch the video here from Reach Plc explaining why we shouldn’t trust our gut instinct for further information.

Rory Sutherland, Vice Chairman of Ogilvy in the UK, also shared his insights on why Reach Plc’s ‘Gut Instinct’ study is so valuable for the advertising and marketing industry. Watch the video here.