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The Use of AI to Connect Social Influencers to Brands & the Future of Influencer Marketing

As brands are increasingly investing in influencer campaigns, it is now clear that influencer marketing is here to stay. According to Fortune, this market is going to grow up to $10 billion globally by 2021, that is to say that every player involved in this business should get ready to tackle the challenges ahead. The rise of adblockers and the decline of TV viewership are boosting its growth, confirming that word of mouth is the most effective type of marketing even in the social media era. It has only become digital, just like many other aspects of our life.

The question isn’t What is influencer marketing? anymore but rather Where is influencer marketing going? Within such a fast-paced and innovative landscape, technology inevitably plays a prominent role, in particular the use of Artificial Intelligence is gaining traction like in many other business sectors. Year after year, the process of working with influencers has gradually become more automated: from content analysis to influencer search and brand affinity, AI provides a solution for a wide range of brands’ needs when it comes to influencer marketing. An example of this is GAIIA (Growing AI for Influencer Affinity), the data-driven artificial Intelligence built by the influencer marketing platform Buzzoole.

But how is this technology actually changing the landscape of Influencer Marketing? According to Ian Samuel, Chief Commercial Officer at Buzzoole, the benefits of automation are many: brands can now select the influencers with the highest brand affinity based on the creators’ posts and engagement rate. “Technology is creating a scenario similar to what pre-roll advertising used to be a few years ago”, he said. Also, Buzzoole’s AI allows for campaign planning and prediction on the campaign results based on analytics. As said by Gwilym C Pugh, a Fashion and Lifestyle influencer who has worked on campaigns for Absolut, Three Mobile and Harrods among others, “AI and technology makes our job easier: I get selected without having a manager and the analytics that Buzzoole provides helps me to get noticed and understand what actually works best on social media”.  

Finally, Joshua Barnett from the talent agency James Grant, highlighted that “the future is already here: measurement and trackable results are key for anyone who wants to invest in influencer marketing”.

The future of influencer marketing is likely to take a similar approach to the overall rise in digital marketing over the past decade, where the best combination will stem from a mix of algorithms working alongside humans, to ultimately deliver the most effective campaigns for brands.

James Sharman, UK Sales Director, Buzzoole