Huddle 2018 - Content Hub

Ultimately if we’re shifting product, the bubble won’t burst

With growing controversy in the influencer sphere, and authenticity the new buzzword, Channel Mum asks the question; will the influencer bubble burst?  

Unsurprisingly, the panel of mum influencers and influencer platform managers were keen to quickly dispute that the industry is a fad. The managing director at Whaler, Joanna Cronk, noted that there has always been influencers since the start of advertising, pointing out that we all know George Clooney sells coffee. Siobhan Freegard, founder of Channel Mum agreed and highlighted the commercial success of influencer marketing, arguing that it will stick around as long as it’s making money for brands. 

So why is influencer marketing so successful? Well it all seems to come down to authenticity. Emily Norris, of Insta-cleaning fame, prides herself on being “100% authentic”. In her opinion, people can tell if you’re passionate about something so there’s no point working with brands you don’t believe in. Similarly, Louise Pentland, YouTube star with a following of 2.5M pointed out that her audience will tell her if she hasn’t collaborated with the right brands. 

But is there any aspect of the industry that will die? The panellists all agreed that ‘fake’ and unregulated influencer marketing will fade. In actual fact, this is already happening, and in the words of the panellists, “the wild west of influencer advertising is over”. Indeed, influencers have become brands businesses in themselves, with big teams and organised management behind them. And ultimately it does seem likely, based on the enormous profit to be made, this is unlikely to change any time soon.