TickerTape: Q2 2015

Hello - and welcome to the July 2015 edition of Tickertape.

The UK’s economic recovery remains on an even keel, with markets enjoying post-election rude health. All the key economic indicators are heading in the right direction – GDP and consumer confidence are up, inflation and unemployment are low and crucially wages are growing faster than the cost of living.  However the situation in Greece threatens to cast a cloud over the UK, the Eurozone and beyond. But how profound would the effects of a ‘Grexit’ actually be for the UK? Our exposure to Greek debt is tiny compared to most of the major European economic powers, so are we worrying unnecessarily?

Recent weeks have seen a fundamental change to how we structure The Exchange here at Mindshare. The Publishing and Digital Display departments have been merged to create a new proposition called Affinity. On page 10, Charlotte Tice, Mindshare’s new Head of Affinity, introduces the new department and explains the thinking behind its creation.

Within the world of Publishing things continue to change rapidly. The General Election provided a sharp focus on how we consume news content, and our retrospective delivers some fascinating insights into changing relationships with news brands. It seems clear that in the era of social media, we no longer look to print titles to break new stories but we do rely on them for insight and opinion.

Meanwhile The Sun have taken the decision to remove elements of their content from behind the paywall.  Does this represent a climb down by Rupert Murdoch, or is it merely part of a shrewd marketing strategy? The fact that The Times is making a profit for the first time in ten years suggests the latter.

Digital technology is changing the landscape of the Radio market rapidly too. Listening to the radio via digital devices has been growing for several years, but now Apple have entered the music streaming and digital radio markets, how will this affect how we consume radio, and what are the opportunities for advertisers?  Its early days, but such a powerful brand entering the arena is sure to be interesting.

Please download the full bulletin here. As ever, if you have any questions about the content within Tickertape, please do not hesitate to contact one of the Exchange experts for more information.