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Think you're too informed to be influenced? Think Again!

Channel 4’s session was hosted by TV and radio personality, Matt Edmondson. He was joined by Neil Taylor, lead data strategist from Channel 4 and Mathew Thompson from Durham University, who provided an insightful scientific explanation into how the human brain can be influenced.  

During the session Channel 4 unveiled their new product, ‘Contextual Moments’ which is currently in trial period. The premise is to provide the worlds first AI driven approach to delivering TV advertisements by playing on the ease at which humans can be influenced. They were all clearly extremely excited by its potential, with Matt even sporting a ‘Contextual Moments’ t-shirt which he seemed chuffed with. 

The ‘Contextual Moments’ product uses machine learning techniques to analyse the messages shown in any TV programme which it cleverly matches to a contextual advertisement. Their tests have shown that this technology can improve ad-recall by 50%, something to excite any advertiser 

One example was an advert for a Samsung tablet that followed a clip from The Big Bang Theory which also included the use of a tablet. Results showed that exposure to the ad so close to the sighting of the tablet in the show made the audience more likely to think the tablet they’d seen was a Samsung, when in fact it had been an Apple product.  

As well as providing information on ‘Contextual Moments’, this huddle session was highly interactive, with the brilliant Edmondson performing several mind tricks on the captivated audience, with the aim of showing how easily we as humans can be influenced; linking back to the potential usefulness of the ‘Contextual Moments’ product. He successfully tricked the audience multiple times, leaving them with ideas of how to mess with family and friends over Christmas!