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Systems Thinking in a Post Human World

We have predicted a future in which AI and biohacking, together with our increasing dependence on technology promises profound change. What will the role of humanity be in this future? For many, these feel like uncertain times.

At Huddle 2017, we’ll ask if this uncertain future must be so? We’re taking inspiration from the late designer and inventor Buckminster Fuller’s belief that

'The best way to predict the future is to design it.'

At Mindshare Purpose, we believe we can design the future we want to live in and not a future that is created without us. We’ll ask how we can create the change we want to see?

At Huddle 2017, we'll introduce the concept of systems thinking as an approach to help us create effective change.

The problem is rarely ever lack of ideas. Everyone has ideas that they believe will lead to change. But why don't they work as we expected? We'll explore why plans often don't work as we intended and how by taking a systems approach we might stand more of a chance of creating the change we want to see. 

Thinking in systems is about changing how we look at the world around us. From seeing a world that is linear and made of separate parts to embracing the complexity, chaos and the interconnectedness of world around us. It’s when we see the relationships in systems that we can uncover new insights into how we can create change. Thinking in systems doesn’t guarantee change, but it does increase your chances.

We’re going to take a risk at our Huddle. We'll set our ambitions high. We'll see how we can influence developments in automation and other themes of a post-Human world, but we'll also bring things closer to home and take a practical view by looking at systems around us. We'll use the wisdom of the crowd and our new-found systems thinking to see how we might tackle things differently.

You’ll leave our Huddle with a taste of systems thinking. Perhaps you’ll be inspired to shape how the post-human world plays out, or maybe you’ll revisit that idea at work that didn’t quite land as you intended.

Rob McFaul, Co-Lead, Mindshare Purpose

Mindshare Purpose's Huddle will take place in Area 17 at 12:00.