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Prince of the Realm or Prince of Darkness? Finding your right audience

Prince of the Realm or Prince of Darkness? Data Decides. Sounds slightly ominous, doesn’t it? I promise you it isn’t. This is, in fact, the theme of our upcoming session at Mindshare Huddle where we will explore how brands are using data and the value it provides when reaching your target audience.  

Personalisation and consumer targeting aren’t anything new in the realm of advertising and, if anything, have become buzzwords that are used among brands and advertisers to refer to a whole range of adtech solutions. But how do you do it and do it well enough to keep your audience captured and engaged? 

With GDPR now six months in and consumers holding the power to remove themselves from a brandmarketing contacts list, it is now more important than ever for you to ensure that you are reaching the right audience with the right content and maintaining a positive relationship with them.  

What does this all have to do with the Prince of the Realm and the Prince of Darkness, you ask? Take our Prince of the Realm, Prince Charles and our Prince of Darkness, Ozzy Osbourne. They are quite starkly contrasting individuals, right?  

Let’s look at them on paper.  

They’re both male, born in the same year and from the UK. They both have residencies in London, are very wealthy and enjoy the finer things in life. At a top level, this all signals that these two-people fit into the same audience bracket. For some brands, this is enough information to build a marketing campaign for our two protagonists. 

But anyone who knows of Prince Charles and Ozzy Osbourne would know that it would feel wrong to try and engage them both with the same content. Most of us understand that they couldn’t be more different, especially in the ways that will matter to your brand. They argoing to buy different products and services, and be interested in different things too, such as what they watch, read and listen to.  

So yes, while they are the same on paper – which is enough for some brands – when you actually take the time to look at them as individuals, you see how different they really are. This is why it’s so crucial that brands have rich, detailed data as well as the tools behind it to make sense of who it is you are truly trying to reach with your campaign or brand message.   

In our interactive session, you’ll get to explore and find out about the different types of data that your brand, can use; from audience data, contextual data to behavioural data, which all come together to provide a more holistic picture of an individual. Designed to let you experience first-hand how advanced algorithms reveal (and harness) vital insights into user behaviour, we want to help your brand to reach the audience you want, with the ad that will capture their attention best.