Huddle 2018 - Content Hub

The power of human storytelling

Studio71 chose the ‘human’ theme for our Huddle session. As an influencer marketing agency, we help to connect brands with influencers to tell unique, engaging and long-lasting stories via the medium of video and digital media. 

We work with brands and ‘influencers’ from micro-influencers to those with huge followings, but each of those we partner with has a credible, authentic voice and a narrative of their own.

Our Huddle session utilised the most powerful element of our business – our unique storytellers and via an immersive dining experience, we invited those in our session to connect one-on-one with each of the creators. 

Hosted by ‘Every Day Hustle’ presenter, Tyler West, three unique creators shared their stories throughout the session, paired with a three-course mini-feast designed around these narratives. 

The 7-piece parkour group STORROR retold their milestone achievements in becoming leaders in the sport, as well as their own personal journeys of how they deal with fear before they attempt extremely dangerous jumps. Their accompanying food was carefully crafted by feminist foodie duo Mam Sham, who discussed the reality of achieving success as two females within the food and comedy space. Lastly, guests heard from Niko Omilana on his unusual route to success as an artist who is redefining the meaning of what it is to be a YouTuber. 

The clear takeaway from the session was that there is nothing more compelling than the power of human storytelling.