Huddle 2018 - Content Hub

Personalising audio in an age of noise

Vicky Foster, Commercial Director, Digital

Using technology to personalise and hyper-target audiences isn’t a new concept. Taking the learnings from the digital world, it would be unthinkable to use a ‘spray and pray’ approach for brands to reach their potential consumers, when developing trusted and relevant consumer experiences. Thankfully now with technology advancements in the audio space, personalised and hyper-targeted advertising is a reality for radio. 

Being able to personalise advertising and combining with all the benefits a consumer gets with radio, is making the medium even more exciting for brands to engage with consumers. According to the latest RAJARs, 24 million people listen to commercial radio via a digital device every week, up 7% year-on-year. With the ability to efficiently target, digital audio delivers incredible accountability, on a huge scale, via a trusted medium and we believe that radio is at the heart of these benefits. Digital listening hours is set to grow rapidly over the next 10 years and by 2030 it is expected that 96% of listening will be on digital. Source: RAJAR & Peter Davies forecast. 

In our off-Huddle session this year, we gave audiences the ability to create their own personalised ads together with Made in Chelsea star, Jamie Laing, in a pop-up radio recording booth. The contents of the minute-long interview will be used to create an individual ad overnight, bespoke and tailored to that audience. When the listener logs into the Heat Radio station the next day, they will then be served their advert, showing how brands can exploit the potential for personalisation within audio and cut through the noise!    

This activation is a perfect example of how technology can create engaging, personalised ads specific to individuals, underpinned by trust and context. We know that these ads will resonate deeper with the audience and are more impactful, with the ability to call out a listener’s name, device or location, dynamic audio ads can be hugely effect to brands and marketers!!  

 A recent study we conducted on a campaign that included personalised location messaging has clearly illustrated the power of dynamic audio.  Not only did a majority of the audience say they pay more attention to dynamic audio ads and nearly three quarters found it appealing, we also saw an extremely impressive increase in purchase consideration of +43%.